Growth, transition, evolution. 

These words narrate the journey of challenging the notion that "nobody can change". 


Hardship, struggle, pain, loss, and hopelessness can awaken the desire for powerful, positive, productive and long-lasting changes.

 To grow, we must be nurtured.

As gardeners, we are not the reason that seeds sprout and buds flower. We provide the right conditions. We plant seeds with room to grow.  We provide sunlight, water and nutrients.  We may provide support as thin stalks grow hearty.  We may prune and provide guidance.



But ultimately, given the attention and resources to grow – cord, dry seeds undergo an amazing transformation….


Watch below as Guest House alumni Odell speaks of

his Personal Journey and how Guest House impacted that journey.


Guest House provides opportunity and our guests find and follow their own personal journeys towards happiness, healthiness, sustainability and long-lasting dignity.

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